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About Us

Empower Your Success: Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Journey

At Artemis Consultancy, your success is our success!  Artemis will work with you to establish your personal or business goals and then together we create a plan of how to achieve those goals. We plan, implement and measure to ensure that what you desire is soon within your reach. Let us be your guide and together we can achieve your individual objectives and achieve great change.


The Artemis Approach

At Artemis, we have a genuine interest in understanding your needs, as professional people ourselves we understand the pressures of business. We are also human beings who feel the pressures of daily life, we have a fresh approach that will support you in achieving your objectives. Whether business or personal your goals are unique and therefore our approach in collaborating with you is unique also. At Artemis we focus on thoroughly understanding your current situation and objectives which enables us to tailor bespoke techniques and approaches that will benefit you most. Whether you are looking to increase your success at work or are looking to alleviate the pressures of daily life that seem to sometimes weigh you down and impact both your personal and professional life, we are here to help.

Whatever your goals, Artemis can support you in creating a bespoke plan to leverage your existing success and achieve more.

Who is Artemis?

Who Is Artemis? Artemis, in both Roman and Greek mythology is a hunter. She is remembered for her expertise in pursuing and achieving her goals. 

This in turn mirrors our objective of ensuring that the team at Artemis support your needs whether you are an individual client requiring coaching and mentoring or whether you are a business looking for professional support. Either way the team at Artemis will always ensure that your needs are met by a firm commitment, mutual trust and understanding, whatever your need we will be honoured to go on the journey with you.

“Be a success in your career and be a success in your life”


Vickylynne Atherton


Vickylynne is a highly successful Solution Sales Specialist with over 24 years experience in the IT industry. Sales has always been her passion, working closely with people and understanding business challenges to provide suitable solutions. Selling with integrity and close customer engagement is paramount to her.


Artemis, in both Roman and Greek mythology is known as the hunter, as a new business hunter for over two decades the synergies resonated. Artemis was founded so that she could impart her wisdom and experience as a sales leader with proven track record. Artemis is remembered for her expertise in pursuing and achieving her goals, this in turn mirrors Vickylynne’s objective of bringing people together to achieve great success.


She has grown the team over the last three years and has a broad range of expertise to offer business clients, salespeople, and sales leaders whom she coaches and mentors. Trusted by her friends and business associates as a knowledgeable and kindhearted person she listens, supports, encourages, and mentors people from all walks of life.

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Our Clients

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