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Coaching & Mentoring

Ongoing coaching and mentoring are also available at Artemis. The life of a salesperson is extremely busy, the focus is Sell, Sell, Sell but maintaining a focus on other elements should also be a key priority.  By implementing key sales management processes, you are committing to best practice.


Check Up from the Neck Up

The check-up from the neck-up offers a revealing introspection as we gaze into the mirror of self-perception. When we peer at our reflection, we see the amalgamation of our aspirations, experiences, and beliefs staring back at us. But what others perceive is often a mosaic shaped by their own lenses of understanding, a projection sometimes coloured by their expectations or biases. Amidst these perceptions, the reality lies in the delicate interplay between our personal and professional lives.


Often, the unseen struggles, unresolved emotions, or personal challenges can cast shadows that subtly hinder our professional growth. Unravelling these intricate threads woven into our personal lives is essential to unlocking our full potential in the professional sphere

At Artemis, we understand the importance of work-life balance! As well as coaching salespeople and other business professionals we also provide coaching to individuals looking to improve their personal and professional success.

  • Sales Plans

  • Customer Engagement Strategy

  • Account Planning

  • Pipeline Monitoring

  • Account Profile Document

  • Sales Hygiene

  • Product Matrix

  • Pipeline Growth

  • Account Mapping

  • Win Rate Success

  • 30 Day Commitment Plan

  • Relaxation – Learning to Unwind

  • Anxiety

  • Work Related Stress –  Avoiding Overwhelm

  • Setting Up Your Own Business

  • How to Deal with Difficult People

  • Home Worker Isolation

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • How to Crush Self Doubt & Build Confidence

  • The Art of Being Assertive

  • Communicate with Clarity & Confidence

  • The Power of Saying No!

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